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Ski Touring Scotland


Introduction to ski touring

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Scottish backcountry


Avalanche awareness


Private guiding 

Ski touring and backcountry skiing

Skiing in Scotland is skiings best kept secret on a good day you can ski fantastic untracked snow with no one around. Ski touring is the next step, Atlas Mountaineering will teach you how to affectively choose a destination, a route and how to do it. Everything from avalanche safety to putting your skins on properly, we've got you covered. 
Don't worry if you don't have ski touring equipment just now, if you want to just try it, or you are traveling and don't fancy carrying your skis around, Ellis Brigham's in Fort William and Aviemore have a great stock of high quality hire kit to get you going. 

What the course will include 

Firstly you can decide whether you would just like to be guided and have a great day out or have an introduction to ski touring.

  • Touring equipment set up, pros and cons of different kit.

  • Safety equipment (map, compass, transceiver, probe shovel, ice axe etc)

  • Safe route planing, navigation, avalanche avoidance

  • Skinning technique

  • Transition from uphill to down.

  • Avalanche search, digging techniques, emergency shelters

Ski equipment 

Please feel free to bring your own ski touring kit, but don't worry if you don't have any yet and you would just like to try it out. 
Ski touring equipment including transceiver, shovel and probe is available to rent at our brand partners, Ellis Brighams in both Fort William and Aviemore from just £35.00 


Atlas Mountaineering Talks

Client Testimonial

We wanted to do Isle of Rum expedition, instead we got a much better adventure. Namely, weather conditions on Isle of Rum during our planed tay were extremely bad and basically dangerous. The amazing guide, Connor, was quick on his feet and instead of us being miserably stuck in tents or cancelling our tour, he proposed to take the adventure to Cairngorms, where weather forecast was drastically better. After the whole group enthusiastically agreed, he created a matching itinerary of our hiking program on Rum and we had a truly lovely time! He even taught us the basics of scrambling and showed us "the roads less traveled" in the area, so our trip felt truly special ! All in all, it was a wonderful adventure ! Thanks Connor !


June 15, 2022, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 


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