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Ben Nevis

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Charity groups

As we are one of the few companies to hold an AALA license we are perfectly placed to cater for your group needs. From small teams to groups of up to 400 we have you covered.  Our client list covers schools and cancer research all the way through to Google, EE and Tesco supermarkets.

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Private tours

Fancy something different? Visit the summit of Ben Nevis at sunrise or sunset for some of the most spectacular views in Scotland. Maybe you’d just like a bit more help reaching your goal.


Ben Nevis in winter

During the winter months Ben Nevis is not to be taken lightly, it is a challenging mountain day that can take up to 9 hours to complete. With the help of specialist equipment such as crampons, boots and an ice axe. The mountain track starts in Glen Nevis and is around a 16km round trip although it is a good track, in winter it can be under snow all the way! It is not uncommon to have to navigate using a compass and map. Using our guided service is not a guaranteed way to reach the summit however it is guaranteed that you will have a great adventure and a great time while coming home safe.


Walking the wild side

One of our most popular experiences is our day and a half walk from Glen Nevis. We will set off at around 3pm and walk through the Steall Meadows and catch a glimpse of the famous Steall falls, from here we will walk up into the watershed of Ben Nevis and camp for the evening. As you watch the sun set around the surrounding mountains and wilderness you will begin to experience one of the UK’s true dark zones, this means that there is no light pollution!


Atlas Mountaineering Talks

Client Testimonial

We wanted to do Isle of Rum expedition, instead we got a much better adventure. Namely, weather conditions on Isle of Rum during our planed tay were extremely bad and basically dangerous. The amazing guide, Connor, was quick on his feet and instead of us being miserably stuck in tents or cancelling our tour, he proposed to take the adventure to Cairngorms, where weather forecast was drastically better. After the whole group enthusiastically agreed, he created a matching itinerary of our hiking program on Rum and we had a truly lovely time! He even taught us the basics of scrambling and showed us "the roads less traveled" in the area, so our trip felt truly special ! All in all, it was a wonderful adventure ! Thanks Connor !


June 15, 2022, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 


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